Friday, October 3, 2014

A year.

Sometimes there are no words. I'm finding myself in that place right now. I have no words. My mind is constantly thinking. I'm often unable to make it stop, but I still have no words to say.

Saturday was a year since Wyatt has died. An entire YEAR.

12 months of grieving or 52 weeks.
365 days of remembering or 8,760 hours.
525,600 minutes without him and a whole lot more seconds merely loving him for being him.

Sometimes there are no words. But we do want to take a moment to say, we have sincerely appreciated all the continued love and supportive words that you have extended to us and shared with us throughout this year. If you are ever left wondering, please know, your thoughtful words, comments, your love and prayers are heard, greatly appreciated and do lift us up. Thank you.

We have come to realize that we love to hear you say his name, we speak it everyday in our home. We also love to hear you were thinking about him, it brings us great comfort to know he is remembered. We like to hear the way in which his life has touched yours. It warms our hearts and makes us smile as we are so proud of our son (and brother). Thank you for sharing these things with us. 

The memories of Wyatt's life, our life with Wyatt, replay often in our hearts each day. His life was full. Nearly everything we see or do sparks a memory with him. A full life crammed into 11 years I'm so very thankful for. Though it's hard not to wish it to be longer.

"I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
I am never without (anywhere I go you go, my dear)"  
- E.E. Cummings

I miss him as much as I love him...and I couldn't love him any more.

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  1. I think of Wyatt and your family almost daily. I have a list of blogs I run through each morning to see if there is an update. The way my email is set up it won't allow me to subscribe to the blogs that I follow. At first I was a little annoyed, but I've realized I like it better this way. I come in, turn on my computer, and I run through my list of blogs, opening each to check for updates. There are several, like yours, where the updates come less frequently, but checking each morning brings each family to the front of my mind.

    With your family, when it's quiet, I think of you and hope you all are doing well. I pray that you guys are enjoying life, as best you can without your handsome boy, and that you can find, or have found a peace.

    I run frequently at the park where I finished the 13.1 miles for the Walk, Run, Roll for Wyatt. I think of him almost every time I'm there. Your boy and your family have touched my heart. I talk about Mito when I can... I work in construction, so I can't say many of my coworkers are receptive, but I do what I can to share the stories of Wyatt, and the other little Mito warriors I read about.

    I can't believe it's been a year. I hope you all are doing well. I'll continue to drop in, think of and pray for your family.


  2. We are praying for you and sending love every time we drive by!!