Saturday, May 31, 2014

Run, Walk or Roll with Wyatt.


Hi guys! 

I know it's been awhile since I've published a new post here on the blog. It's not for a lack of writing or fewer thoughts about various parts of our life. I actually have several pieces completed, though I haven't pushed the "publish" button on any of them yet. I'm not sure why, exactly. I guess I've just needed to "be" without putting it out for all to see at the moment.

But regardless of all that, today I'm here to announce a project that our family has been working on in honor of Wyatt's upcoming birthday in July. It's something that we're all a little excited about. We've been brainstorming as a family to come up with a way to honor, celebrate and remember Wy. Maggie initially liked the idea of hosting a 5k in his honor and we used that to come up with our current event, "Run, Walk or Roll with Wyatt", which will be a virtual charity race.
What is a virtual race? -- Well, a virtual race is much like any other race up until "race day." You will first be required to register through the event listing via At that time you will choose the distance you want to run, walk or roll 'with' Wyatt -- 1mi, 5k, 10k, half marathon (13.1mi). Registration will be open through June 2014. 

You will be able to complete your chosen distance ANY PLACE and at ANY TIME of your choosing within the month of JULY.
You can begin logging your miles with Wyatt on July 1st! Seeing as there is no destination, specific day or time that the race will be held means that ANYONE from ANYWHERE within the country, or world, can participate.

ANY age, ANY place, ANY ability, ANY pace, ANY day in July -- no limits.

Upon registering we will have special race bibs available and mailed to each individual entered. Custom medals will also be awarded to each participant following the month long race. We hope to have T-shirts available for purchase, as well, but will have more info about that at a later date.

The only requirements during the race is to SMILE! Have FUN! And we ask that you (Please!) take a picture during, or upon completion of, your selected distance. Don't be shy! We would LOVE to see who is running, walking or rolling with Wyatt in honor of his birthday! 

You can post your pictures on the facebook page, tag us in the pictures on Facebook or email them to me at To see pictures of who is running, walking or rolling with Wyatt would mean a great deal to our family. 

Even better, all proceeds from this event will benefit the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to further research and our hope for a cure. Though a cure was not to be for our son, we still imagine a life without the presence of Mitochondrial Disease for all the others still hoping -- how amazing it would be! 

So, gather your family, your friends and even your furry loved ones -- let's all do it together! You could even turn up some music and dance a few miles...I know Wyatt would be all for that. :)

We would be so honored if you could join us in celebration of our boy whose spirit was as strong as any superhero. Wyatt was determined to enjoy his life despite any labels or life limiting diagnosis listed on his medical charts.

Please help us to carry on the legacy Wyatt left behind and CELEBRATE LIFE!

Please, please, please share with your friends, your family, your co-workers, within your communities -- spread the word! We would love for this event to be a great success.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued thoughts, prayers, love and support as we learn to navigate through life without our boy. This road has been the most difficult yet and finding a way to keep going has not been easy. I will never stop grieving because I will never stop loving. But remembering him openly and celebrating his life helps us all tremendously!

I now not only live a life for me, but I live a life for him too. So, we must make it a great one -- with him, for him and because of him.
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Running Disney.

The month of April always seems to be a busy month for us. This year being no exception. (And now it's already May!) Spring has finally come to stay, it seems. The school year will be coming to an end fairly soon, which is hard to believe. It's as if we started this school year living an entirely different life than we will end it with. Last week marked 7 months since Wyatt died.

For the last few weeks I've been pulling out all the warm weather clothes and making sure everyone has enough of all that they will need. You may remember, I mentioned a few months ago that we would be traveling back to Disney World: Wyatt's very favorite place in the world. This has been emotional for us, but we felt we needed to come back. For the four of us, but also for Wyatt...if only it be for the reason that it was his very favorite place in the world! He asked me to go to Disney World every day for quite some time before he died...up until the very point he wasn't able to speak anymore. But I'm sure he was still thinking it! All was right in his world when he was here. I only hoped we would feel a little of that magic this time when we were here too.

We returned to 'run Disney' in celebration of Wyatt's unbelievable and beautiful life. Unfortunately, healing was something we were unable to give Wyatt on this side of Heaven, but we now celebrate his eternal healing there (in Heaven). Though we have struggled to continue life without him, he's now free of the body that held him back, which is an amazing thought. The first thing he hoped to do in Heaven was run again.

Yesterday, our family ran in celebration of all that Wyatt is, was and will always be to us. In celebration of the amazing boy who pushed beyond the limits, the labels, the tubes and machines. We ran for him, 'with' him and because of him in his favorite place, Disney World.

Jilly and Grandma ("Nanny") ran as a team in the "Family Edition" race at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at 10am. While, Bryan, Maggie and I ran 5+ miles throughout Animal Kingdom starting 12 hours later at approximately 10pm. We completed the race in a respectable time and were far, far from last -- which always feels good. ;) It rained for both of the races, but it didn't dampen the fun. We each ran through the soggy finish lines with smiles (and a little relief that we accomplished it!) We mentioned multiple times to each other how much Wyatt would have LOVED this race. There was so much excitement around. He would have been thrilled with it all.

For you, with you and because of you, buddy. We're missing you and loving you so much!

(I posted more pictures and video on Instagram. They will scroll through on the sidebar under the small "Our view of life." banner. You can click on them to see them larger and to play the short video clips.)
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