Friday, April 18, 2014

Who's up for a vigilante road trip with me?

So, this year as we were preparing to do our taxes Bryan was procrastinating. Well, a little of that and he just couldn't find the time to sit down to devote to it, but knowing this is the last year that he will claim three children as dependents was also a grey cloud hovering over us. The loss of our child is everywhere and can be associated with nearly everything. Those reminders permeate our entire lives as we navigate through all the 'firsts' without him, even something as routine as taxes.

Bryan finally sat down to complete them last weekend and as he submitted ours electronically the IRS quickly rejected the return. We were informed someone had already claimed one of our dependents on their tax forms this year. Wrongfully, but, very likely, purposefully.  Death records are public record, within those records is Wyatt's social security number. We strongly suspect someone had taken his social security number and filed their tax return before we did, claiming him as their own dependent. We're not alone in having this happen. It's a known crime in this country, apparently.

Why am I sharing this? Well, simply, because it's wrong, because it happens and because it's appalling!

I'm angry at this person -- I want to know who it is. I want to find them myself to tell them of the boy who they are claiming as their own this year. I want them to know him as a person, as a child. I want them to know he was a real boy with a real family...that they are now violating! I want them to know his life and all he went through before his death. If they want to claim him as their own, I want them to know what it feels like to love him so fiercely and then lose him. I really want to show them the face and the life of who they are doing this to. It disgusts me.  

If we have to change the way we file our taxes because of them, eventually needing to "prove" he is our son and to "win" a dispute that shouldn't need to be filed in the first place, they should have to know what this life feels like. What it feels like to love a child, care for him every minute of every day and guide him through his death. They should have to know what it feels like if they want to claim him as their own for the little extra that may come in their tax return this year. 

They should have to know! 

It's all so frustrating. Even if we "win" the dispute, like the person at the tax office put it, I can't help but feel there is little "winning" in this for us. It may be that little would change their greedy hearts, but I still think they should know. Truly knowing and feeling what we have experienced could possibly be worse than any size fine or prison sentence.

This makes me want to go on some vigilante road trip to hunt down the people who do this!

Who's in?! 

I say that more in jest, but there is a part of me that would be all for it. Maybe the most severe punishment for this crime should be to sit with a grieving mother for days. To be made to listen as she remembers her child through stories and their possessions, to look and be surrounded by all the pictures and videos that she goes to when she needs to see and hear her child. 

Just saying, but it's an option I could support!

If they would investigate further to find the person who decided taking Wyatt's social security number was such a great plan, he/she may be sorry. I have 11 years of stories and hundreds of thousands of pictures and video that I would love to share. I could talk about MY boy and his life for days and days. Enough that they very possibly might start to wish they would have had a hefty fine or a prison sentence instead! ;) 
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  1. You are the latest in a line of parents who have been put through this wringer. Every time I read about another one, I wonder - who ARE these people, who steal the identities of children and put their families through more hell? Who does this? And keeps doing it?!!

    Is there no way for the IRS to put a stop to it? How are families supposed to fight to prove who their children are - while they are fighting just to survive being without them?!

    It makes me furious. They don't deserve to hear about Wyatt. They deserve very, very bad things.

    I can't believe it keeps happening. But I know it does. And does. And does.

    Sick. Sick!

    xo CiM

  2. This is atrocious. I had no idea people do this. I absolutely believe that these people will be held accountable before God, judged, and sentenced for their selfish and hurtful action. But I also agree with you, Ashley-that they should have to come face to face with you and know, even just a tiny bit, of what it is like to have another person do this to you and your son.