Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Best Super Brother Ever!

The Best Super Brother Ever is the title of a biography that Jilly wrote in the most recent Young Authors club at her school. This afternoon, being the last of the club meetings, we were invited to celebrate their writing efforts and listened as each child stood up to the microphone to read their own piece. I, not so surprisingly, cried through most of my time in the school. (And that was even with being forewarned of Jilly's choice of writing. Just imagine what I would have been like had I not been prepared. Yikes!) We're so proud of her and would like to share what she created with you too.


 The Best Super Brother Ever!
By: Jilly DeStephano

My Brother, Wyatt Daniel DeStephano, was the best brother I could ever ask for because he was SUPER! He was born 14 weeks early. His first words were counting from 1 to 20. Wyatt was very excited to have a baby sister! He actually helped name me! I was supposed to be named Jillian, but Wyatt always added the "ana" on the end, so my name is Jilliana. He loved to put his finger out and I would hold it. Once Wyatt elbowed me in the head when I was a baby, Mommy cried because she was scared I was really hurt.

Wyatt's favorite teachers were Dr. Evans and Dr. Bright. His favorite sport was baseball. He played for two years, one team was called the Padres and the other was the Giants. He had an imaginary girlfriend and her name was Lydia. My Brother's favorite present on his 7th birthday was going to Dutch Wonderland. Wyatt and I would put on the circus afros and play Just Dance! His favorite song was "Move it, Move it." Tag was his favorite indoor game. The hair do he liked the most was a faux hawk. We used to like to go up in the attic and play. My brother was awesome! 

Wyatt had a disease called Mitochondrial Disease, which made my brother weak. He stopped walking when he was nine years old. My brother had to have nurses come to the house. His favorite nurse was Jason from duPont. Dr. Raab was Wyatt's favorite doctor, but when he said Wyatt had to stay in the hospital he called him "Dr. Craaby." Miss Jen was his social worker "fairy" who had magic powers to get him out of the hospital. Wyatt chose to stay home with his family, rather than being in the hospital. 

My brother was special to me in so many ways like he always taught me to be strong and brave. He loved me so much! He was always sooooo brave through all of his medical stuff. He was a great big brother and I love him. We had lots of adventures together. On September 27, 2013 he went to sleep and woke up in Heaven. 

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  1. Great job Jilliana! Wyatt is so proud of you. Keep his spirit and legacy alive!

  2. The Best Super Brother Ever has the Best Super Sisters Ever. This is beautiful.

    Just beautiful,


  3. Jilly-I can tell your brother really was Super! You are a great author!

  4. I know it hasn't been easy for you or your family - but you truly are keeping Wyatt alive in your memories!

    Jilly, you obviously get your writing abilities from your mom - great job.

    Thank you for continuing to share your lives.