Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The snow and impending holidays.

Jilly stood looking out the glass door in the front of our house. Snow was still swirling in the air. She told Daddy that he may need to shovel again in the morning as she watched the snow come down. And then said, "Every year for seven years it hasn't snowed before Christmas. But this year it did. A lot!" As she walked back to her chair with her small child sized bowl of goldfish crackers in hand, she added in a loud whisper while looking up to the ceiling -- "Thank you, Wyatt!!"

I don't know if my 8 year-old's realization that it hasn't snowed before Christmas in 7 years is actually accurate. I think it probably is not. But, it is true that we got more snow in the last two days than we have all last winter season. Two snow days in a row for the girls already this school year. Maybe, she's right. Maybe Wyatt did have a hand in this little piece of holiday cheer...anything is possible.

Perhaps he's giving me a nudge to actually dispose of the Halloween scarecrow, that is now dusted with snow, and still relaxing on the front porch chair. Yes, it's true. We are that family this year. You know...the ones that have holiday decor still out from TWO holidays ago. I should be embarrassed -- this is really not like me. But I'm not. In fact, I snarkily commented to Bryan today that maybe we can just wrap a few Christmas lights around him. His presence goes along nicely with my attempt to boycott the Holidays.

Avoidance and procrastination...trusty ways of living. ;)  

Don't worry, I'm not feeling particularly bitter about the Holidays all the time. I'd say it's more of an occasional occurrence. But I'm softening up a little with the fresh snow on the ground. Today, as the snow was falling, I even ordered Holiday cards. I picked pictures, constructed them as I would like and I actually completed the order. I commented to Bryan that they may not get sent, but I ordered them!

Last week I watched and listened to The Piano guys' newest Christmas carol video. It's pretty great. And something most would enjoy watching, I think. It was enough that it prompted me to go to Amazon and buy the album. It's sitting on my dining room table, unopened still, but patiently waiting to be listened to. I bought it with all the intentions of listening to it this year yet. I've thought about it a time or two, but I haven't brought myself to pop it in.

Christmas was such a magical time for our family when Wyatt was with us. He was a kid that could LOVE just about anything. And if he didn't love it, then he detested it. There was not often a middle ground with him. It was frequently "The best day EVER!' or sometimes "The worst day EVER!" So, I find myself saying "Wyatt loved..." a lot. And occasionally even, "Wyatt hated...".

His excitement at this time of year was contagious. He would often, over exaggeratedly, "ooooh" and "ahhhhh" over light displays. Or would express his excitement over the first few flurries he saw. We were a family that typically began decorating the weekend following Thanksgiving. It was something we did together and was a fun tradition to share. It was an adjustment that first time we decorated the Christmas tree and he wasn't able to run back and forth from picking an ornament to placing it perfectly on the tree. That was in 2011. I remember decorating that year. Maggie chose to lay in the hospital bed with her brother as she knew it was hard for him to watch us all do something he loved. Jilly made a comment while we were picking ornaments to hang about how fun it was when he used to walk and run with them.

Last year we were just home from what would be his last trip to Disney World. We were looking forward to decorating and simply celebrating our time together. As you can see by the picture, Wy perfected his job of holding some of the ornaments for us while we dressed the tree in sparkling lights and ornaments. :)

(Please pretend you didn't notice the pink sippy cup...he'd be so embarrassed. ;) But, in my defense, at the time that it was bought it was the only color they had. Desperate times...) 

This year, I know we should put the tree up and decorate a little. It's been looming overhead. We will. But it's just not the same. And it never will be. That's a difficult reality to face.
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  1. Not knowing Wyatt personally, but it seems as though he would have wanted you to still decorate~because remember, he's looking down and still with you. Blessings to you all during this difficult holiday season.