Thursday, November 21, 2013


For Mitochondrial Disease Awareness week in September Maggie met with the guidance counselor of her intermediate school to request that they recognize and support the cause in honor of her and her Brother. She came prepared with her own awareness ideas for the week; selling green Rainbow Loom bracelets and awareness ribbon pins. Two of her friends offered to join her for the meeting and were also willing to help. The school agreed to support their efforts and together they began brainstorming ideas of different ways to raise awareness and teach the students and faculty about Mito each day.

Maggie, Jilly and their "Parental sweat shop" (aka -- Bryan and I) were making large amounts of green Rainbow Loom bracelets and ribbon pins that week to sell throughout their schools for a $1 donation. When the craft store ran out of dark green rainbow loom bands we supplemented with purple, Wyatt's favorite color. Making green and purple bracelets. The bracelets and pins were sold in the Intermediate school, the Primary Learning Center (Jilly's school), as well as making their way around the hospital showing support for awareness week and Wyatt and his sisters. Also, the art teacher at the Intermediate school, who is not only a teacher but also an artist, was kind to donate a painting for auction during the week of the High School's homecoming festivities, with the proceeds going to the charity.

In total, their efforts, which were spear headed by Wyatt's super sister, raised $803 for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation just a week before he died. I'm so proud of Maggie for talking about and sharing a cause so dear to her heart and asking the school for their support. I'm also proud of the school district for supporting and honoring the girls and Wyatt's fight with this disease.

We're so very proud of you girls. And I know Wyatt would be too!

You two will do great things.
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