Monday, September 2, 2013

You will know.

For the last 2 years, as we entered into this part of the disease process, I've been told by many that I would know when it was time. When it was time to let him go. When it was time to just be in the minutes, hours, days, weeks we have left with him.

I doubted I would ever know. We've always fought for more time, better quality of life, better pain control, symptom management.

How will I know? How will I be ok with not doing those things anymore? 

In some ways I even felt like it would be giving up. And I never want to give up on him. I greatly doubted that I could ever get to this place of "knowing". It just didn't seem possible after fighting with him and for him for so long.

But it does happen. Friends, you will know when it's time. You will feel it. You won't doubt when the time is right.

I know.

But I was wrong. We're still not giving up. There just comes a time when you know.
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  1. I just wanted you to know that I'm listening, holding each one of you in the light. Praying for peace.

  2. A beautiful and agonizing dance, sweet mother. I pray the Lord is with you and Wyatt and Brian, the girls. May his peace be yours.

  3. Ive said this before, but all I pray for is peace and comfort for you all. With that comes guidance and reassurance. Wyatt knows, too. Bless his little heart, for he shall be healed. xo