Monday, September 2, 2013

The best Brother ever.

Thursday afternoon, as I was up to my eyeballs in various shades of pink and green tissue paper creating flowers for Jilly's vision of a "Garden Party," Wyatt was awake. He was sitting in the recliner chair. I reminded him that it was Jilly's Birthday and told him I was working on some of the decorations for her party. (It was on Saturday.) I showed him the big pink flowers that she envisioned hanging from the ceiling.

Jilly had a very precise vision for her party. She wanted to "look up and see flowers and look down and see grass." Among other details.

I asked if he thought Jilly would like the decorations and he nodded his head with approval.

Later that evening as I continued my work on the party decor he signaled me over with a soft spoken call, "Moooooooommmmyyyy."

I listened intently and with patience as he tried to carefully think of and then form each word with his mouth. It takes a lot of effort for him to talk and makes it difficult for him to breathe. One word at a time, I was able to figure out he was trying to tell me he wanted to go shopping. One of the last things I expected him to say.

Wyatt really does not like shopping. He never has! We used to walk around the mall when he was a young toddler, before he spoke words, and I could push the stroller just over the threshold of a store and just as my own feet would reach the the threshold behind the stroller he'd begin to whine and screech. I then would pull it back into the mall's hallway out of the store and he'd stop...back in the store we'd go and he'd scream, out of the store and he'd stop. His dislike for shopping started early! In later years, he would always complain, "It's boring." So, consider me surprised when he asked to go now!

"You want to go shopping?" I confirmed with him. He nodded. I then asked him what he wanted to go shopping for. He took a few minutes to slowly respond "Presents."

I caught on to his thought process by this point. So, I asked if he wanted to go shopping for birthday presents. He nodded in agreement. I said "For Jilly?" He nodded again and then responded "For both of us." Such a sibling response that for you, one for me. I smiled and confirmed he wanted to get Jilly a present and also wanted to buy something for himself. "And Maggie?", I questioned. He nodded and gave me a small smile.

After asking him where he wanted to go shopping we were able to help him express that he wanted to go to Toys-R-Us. One of the only stores he actually likes to shop in. 

So, we made a plan to go to Toys-R-Us Friday afternoon to pick out birthday presents from the most thoughtful brother ever. His oxygen saturations were sitting lower Friday and his body was working harder than it was the day before to take breaths...but he said we needed presents. So, then, we needed to go shopping!

Call us crazy. (I won't argue with you!) The look on the hospice nurse's face on Friday morning as I told her of our afternoon plans said it all, really. But if he's willing and wanting- why not?

Jilly hugging the present he picked out for her after unwrapping it.

To give to his little sister for her Birthday he picked out a talking minion, which moves and responds when spoken to, from the movie Despicable Me 2. He also helped Maggie, Bryan and I pick a few other things to give to her too. (And he chose a new movie and a new set of football sheets for himself.)

The best Brother ever! This boy rocks at living life. His motivation also took us to the Drive-in movies to see Despicable Me 2 last night. Since we now had a minion, we needed to see the movie. :)
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  1. Your boy. Your whole family is a blessing. I've always followed, prayed, but never really commented. I had to today. He is most definitely a SuperWy, but also an angel. I will continue to send prayers and thoughts your way and Wy's way. I always have! I'm still here for you!

  2. And that he sure is! Wishes for Wyatt!