Monday, July 22, 2013

Super Wy turns 11.

Happy Birthday, Super Wy!

You did it, my awesome boy. Another year! We celebrated 11 unbelievably amazing years this weekend. 

The party was great and Wyatt was surrounded by a lot of people who love him very much. Just what he needed! But it was a weekend of mixed emotions for multiple reasons. Saturday night, after his party, Wyatt refused to wear his mask/vent. He talked of what a fun party he had, saying it was "incredible" and "gargantuan," but he hoped to go to sleep and wake up in heaven. He was sure of what he wanted and has only worn his bipap a few hours since Saturday. (He is wearing a nasal cannula that provides oxygen.) We're following his lead and trying our best to keep him comfortable in the process. But it hasn't been easy and has left us feeling conflicted and somewhat confused. I'll update more thoroughly soon. I just wanted to pop in to share pictures of the Birthday weekend.

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  1. Your family and Wyatt are such an inspiration to me and so many others out there. I think everyone who reads your posts are touched by your love and joy that you get out of every day you have with your son. I pray for your family everyday.

  2. Im always looking for updates on that little inspiration called, as I was quickly checking your blog, my son Anthony who is also 11, popped in and asked me why I was crying. I explained in an age appropriate manner, and he asked to see who Wyatt was. I showed him some pictures and he then told me "wow, he is really something, he gives a lot of people strength". He was really interested in reading about him and his incredible journey of life. From Anthony to Wyatt, Happy birthday Rockstar!

  3. Awesome movie!!! Love the super-lare!!!