Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Making memories has always been important to us, but especially this last year. I've taken more pictures than you can imagine, not wanting to ever forget. I smile myself and get excited when Wyatt smiles and laughs- I don't ever want to lose that feeling. It sometimes takes a lot of effort, so when we see it it's something special.

I have received plenty of suggestions about caring for my son in different ways- do this, don't do that, why haven't you done this or you should have done that. I suppose it's natural to look from the outside of a situation and have your own opinions about how you would handle things like this. It's pretty easy to do, we've all done it at one time or another, I'm certain. But I can tell you, this part isn't covered in any parenting book, seminar or medical journal that I've ever seen. Maybe I should write a book...though, I question myself often if I'm doing anything right.

But making memories- it's the one thing that's been a staple in our last year. Something that we have all been doing with Wyatt in our own ways. We've been blessed with time and I hope I never overlook that fact.

We've been reading a stack of children's books that I had purchased in the past couple years about death, heaven, grief and such. But Wyatt and I's two favorites have been There's A Party in Heaven and The Invisible String. These books have been read over and over and over again. Two special books that we highly recommend. Wyatt's poster of Heaven that hangs next to his bed was inspired by There's A Party in Heaven...this book has given him hope of things to look forward to. Even down to enjoying the 'sweeter berries' and 'cheesier cheddar' in Heaven. And The Invisible String gives him the comfort of always having a connection to those he loves in a more understandable way. It delivers a poignant message that I believe every child could benefit from.

Tonight Wyatt lay tucked in his bed, his poster clipped to the window and his "invisible string" that was made visible hangs just beside him off the corner of his shelf, to pull as he wishes. The girls' strings each by their beds too. Colorful hand-printed canvases decorate the piano and wish carrying butterflies now hang from his IV pole. As my computer holds the pictures documenting memories.

*A sincere thank you extended to those who helped create these moments, keepsakes and tools to help our family.
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  1. Every night before I go to bed, I check your blog. I always hope that you've written us an update. I always keep Wyatt close to my heart.

    Don't ever let others opinions come in between you doing your best. I think you're doing the best you can for you, your family and Wyatt. It shows! (And I don't even know you, I can just tell!) I look up to YOU for strength.

    I will be honest. I cried and cried reading this post. Im usually a strong person, or so I like to think, but I could not stop crying. Wyatt has been a blessing from day 1. He is still with you today, because he is not ready. He has unfinished work to do. Like making these memories!

    I admire you and your strength. I hope that the strength from others, like me, helps. Many thoughts and wishes. Rebecca

  2. Tears in my eyes. I remember trying to capture every moment, read " party in heaven" a thousand times, snap innumerable pictures.... Reassure over and over that no one is sad or misses anyone else in heaven.... You are doing things right. Hang in there.