Thursday, June 27, 2013


How is it only Thursday? The days are running together on me, but it feels as if it should certainly be at least Saturday by now.

I'm not sure what our boy is doing or not doing these days. We've been chasing bacteria, oxygen saturations and heart rates like no other. It's unclear which way Wyatt's going to turn...he's had times that he's made us nervous, to say the least. But he's also had times when things settle. He's seemingly teetering between here and there. One minute we're up, the next minute we're down and scrambling.

Maggie has been attending theater camp for the past two weeks and tonight is the musical. While she didn't get the exact part she was auditioning for, she does have a part. She's been working hard and has been having so much fun. She would really like us all to come this evening, Wyatt too, of course. Say a prayer that we can make it happen- oxygen and heart rates and all. It could be an adventure...
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