Friday, June 14, 2013

Things that help.

In some of the pictures I've shared you may have taken notice that Wyatt is wearing headphones. I wanted to take a minute today to share a couple of favorite things that Wyatt really enjoys and that help...

Audible books! Wyatt doesn't have the energy to read books and now struggles to hold a book in the right position. But reading has always been a favorite activity for my kids. My Mother had been telling me to try Audible books with him for some time, but it wasn't until we found his favorite series, The Kingdom Keepers, was available that we decided to give it a try. He loves it! At the moment he's in such a state that he hasn't been up to listening to them. But he has really enjoyed these books. We downloaded the Audible books app onto our iPad and we can pull up any of the books in our audible "library" for him at any time. It's great!

The Relax Melodies Premium HD app has been a great tool to help ease Wyatt's anxiety related to falling asleep or calm him when he's feeling pain or is agitated. The music therapist led us to it and I have to say it is quite relaxing. There are so many combinations of different sounds and music that you can choose from, overlapping your favorites and adjusting the volume of each to create what you like the most. You can overlap as many sounds that you want to make your favorite combinations. Wyatt's go to mix is "winds" and "dreams". It's a good one! There are multiple versions of Relax Melodies apps available, but we like the premium HD one the best.

And if he's wearing his headphones but not listening to a book or his relaxing sounds he's often listening to music of some sort- his favorite right now is a collection that the music therapist recorded for him of her singing a few empowering songs, along with a few theme songs (The incredible hulk, Superman and Star Wars) and a catchy song that Miss Juliet and Wyatt created together about scary dreams and monsters that can't hurt him. 
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  1. I don't think I've ever posted, but I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I pray and root for you guys. I wonder if you've seen the Piano Guys version of the Star Wars song:

    I think Wyatt might like that, and they also have many other songs/videos. I am glad music helps some. I say often that music is my medicine.

  2. Has he listened to Zach Sobiech's song "Clouds"? He might like this. Zach was a young cancer patient that like Wyatt, chose to stay home with his family until he was permanently healed "Up" in the clouds. It's an awesome story and an awesome song.