Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quick update.

We're still working on things to keep up with our boy. His respiratory needs have settled into a more predictable state...predictable enough we can keep his oxygen saturations in a more acceptable range, at least. We were able to wean him down to as low as 7L of supplemental O2 for periods of time, which gives us the ability to increase it again as he needs. As I'm typing, his temp has come down to 100.2.  For reference, normal for Wyatt is 96.2. Today he seems to be more uncomfortable and because of that he's using A LOT of Fentanyl, which has lowered his HR under 100bpm. We know from experience increasing the amount of Fentanyl in his system has that affect on his heart. The lowered temperature has probably helped in that regard too. The urine culture went to one hospital and the blood cultures went to another. But so far we know from the urine analysis he's showing multiple things in his urine, including yeast. I haven't heard the 24hr read on the blood cultures yet.

Thank you for the good thoughts, support and continued prayers. We're unsure how things will unfold from here. But I will update more soon.
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  1. Know that there are lots of people praying and pulling for Wyatt and thinking about your family daily! Stay strong!

  2. I check in to your blog daily, hoping Wyatt has had a good night.

    I am at awe at your courage, strength and unconditional love.

    Please know there are people out in the world sending you all positive thoughts!


  3. I too check in daily hoping to read a post. I think about you all often and always end my night with a thought of comfort for Wyatt.