Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anything is possible.

In the fight of his life Wyatt teaches us how to keep going, how to live. An unbelievable year it has been. Anything is possible.
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  1. So heart wrenchingly gorgeous! Go, Super Wy, go!!!!

  2. Just wanted to tell you that song is my son Anthony's favorite song. He has been a victim of bullying his entire school years and just now in 5th grade starting to stand up for himself. Every time I hear it now, I will think of Wyat also.

    This is a beautiful video and I am so glad to see such hope in a family. Wyat sure is right, "anything is possible". The sibling bond that your children show bring me to tears, but happy tears. So beautiful. Many thoughts from Rhode Island!

  3. Praying for each of you. It must be a comfort to have friends who've gone this path before. Yet each sweet child's story is so very different. I admire your honesty and vulnerability, Ashley. Maybe Wyatt gets his perseverance from his mommy :-)