Monday, April 29, 2013

The wake up call.

Most parents will know what I'm talking about...the long, drawn out wake up call that you hear yelled out at some unjust hour of the night or early morning. Sounding much like- "Mooooommmmyyyyy!"

I knew you would know what I was talking about!

I heard it, Bryan heard it, the dogs heard it and the girls ignored it. Wyatt quietly hollering "Mooommyyyy" and "Daaaddyyy" at 3am, 4am and 5am these last couple weeks. Every. Single. Night.

Oh, my lethargic, but restless boy.

There is not one particular reason he's woken up- pain, bad dream, needs a hug because he's scared, this hurts or that is bothersome. Every night is a different reason, it seems. And it doesn't appear to matter how tired we make him the day before, he still wakes. In fact that plan sometimes even backfires on us, he is then just extra whiny and agitated because he's so tired. 

But this morning at 4am, after going back and forth with him for awhile, I completely surprised the boy as I got out of bed, flipped on the lights, turned the TV on and said "Ok, if you're awake. Then we'll be awake." He looked puzzled at my actions and responded "Why?!" And part of me was thinking the same exact thing! 

To which I said something along the lines of, "because you are awake at this time every night when I'm asleep and I don't get to see you awake because you then sleep all morning when I would like you to be awake. And I've tried everything I know to get you to sleep through the night and wake a few hours later, but it hasn't worked. So, I just decided if you are awake, we are awake." And yes, at 4am it was probably very much said as a run on sentence just like I typed. I wasn't upset with him at all when I said this- it was pretty matter of fact. I really just wanted to see if he'd wake up and be perky or if he would still be acting uncomfortable and agitated.

I'm out of ideas to get him to sleep between the hours of 3 and 6am. Extra doses of pain meds, increased doses of valium, soothing music or relaxation sounds, noise cancelling headphones, different positions- none of them work to get him comfortably asleep during those hours. So, that's why I gave up this morning. I felt guilty and tired of telling him to keep trying to go back to sleep or nudging Bryan to get up and give him another dose of one med or another, when it didn't seem to really work anyway.

This morning after my little shock to his system, when I flipped on all the lights, he did stay awake from 4am to 11am. He then took a restless nap before waking again. He was awake an hour this afternoon and then I began doing all I possibly could to keep him awake for as long as possible after that. He was so tired he couldn't open his weak little eyelids. He's now sleeping. I'm not sure if he'll wake again this evening as I certainly stirred up his sleeping schedule this morning.

It's now 6pm- far from bed time for me. 6hrs to be exact! There is a continuous stream of meds to be infused between now and then (and more at 2am, 5am, 6am, etc.) I can't promise I'll be as quick to flip on the bright lights at 4am tomorrow morning, but we'll see.

As tired as I am, having him awake in the morning was a nice change. But I wouldn't object if he'd like to sleep until 6 or even 7am from now on! ;-)
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