Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Pinterest-ing week.

When I begin to feel overwhelmed and I just can't handle anything else medical related I often go to Pinterest. I love Pinterest and it's ability to distract my brain with its endless supply of DIY projects, organization ideas, recipes and fun ideas for the kids. I will often find projects for the house that I convince Bryan to help me with.

With that said, I'm not sure he loves pinterest as much as I do...

I've pinned recipes that I think we'd enjoy and have said for months that I was going to try. But it never happens. It's not often I have the time/patience/energy to cook a fully put together meal anymore. It's not an easy task in our home- with Wyatt in the living room and a wall separating the dining room from the kitchen. I will often be going back and forth repeatedly checking a beeping pulse-ox or an alarming vent or infusing another med or tending to a boy who tries to talk to me repeatedly and seems to forget I can't hear him from across the house and doesn't like to be left alone. Or like of late, a boy who is not feeling well more than usual (even) and doesn't have the patience to wait for me to finish what I'm doing before he becomes increasingly irritable and upset.

I've tried to convince Bryan that it would be a GREAT idea to remove the wall separating the dining room and kitchen to open up the space. "It would be so nice for Wyatt when he's moving his wheelchair!" to which he couldn't disagree. "I bet the DIY network website can tell us how to do it!" I said in my most convincing voice. While it would be great for Wyatt's independence and for my ability to spend time in the kitchen while Wyatt was in the living room, I'm still not sure he went for it.
Well, this is the week it's going to happen! No, we're not knocking down the wall. I wish! Instead, I have a stack of printed recipes from breakfast to snacks to dinner. This week I'm on a mission to be a "real Mommy"- I say that jokingly. You know, the Mommies that have a healthy, yummy breakfast prepared, with an after school snack ready and waiting for their loves and who cooks a thought out, non-processed meal every night? That's going to be me- kinda. For this week at least.

One week of new recipes, homemade cooking, while tending to my boy and his amount of care and feeling like "a real Mommy" again. I can do this! Right?!

So far I've made homemade soft pretzels, 3 ingredient cookies (that had more than 3 ingredients...?), dehydrated strawberries that tasted awful (how did I screw THAT up?!), "man pleasing chicken" (my man did seem pleased!), oven roasted potatoes that claimed to 'melt in our mouth' and "puppy chow" (that was not as easy as it said it would be!)

Bryan and the girls seem a little excited about my stack of recipes and have been looking forward to tasting what comes of them. Bryan left for work this morning asking "So, what are we having for dinner tonight?"

On todays list of "pinteresting recipes": Buttermilk- blueberry breakfast cake (it even tells me how to make my own buttermilk- yikes!), "Dr. Pepper roast" (not sure what to make with it just yet, but working on that detail) and "Cookie mush" that I hope Wyatt will wake and agree to helping me assemble (A mommy can hope, right?)

Wish me luck! I think I may need it.

 * Have you noticed the new blog design? We've been working on it for several weeks now. There are a few tweaks yet to be made, but for the most part this is it. Welcome!

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  1. What's your pin name? I would love to follow you!!! I'm tbmccarthy

    1. At the top in my header there is a little teal colored circle with a "P" on it- if you click there it will take you to my pinterest. "ashdestephano" is my pin. :-)

  2. The "Abby Mito" Blog has some great recipes too: http://mitochondrialdepletionsyndrome.blogspot.com/