Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Father- Daughter dance.

Friday evening was the much anticipated Father-Daughter dance. The girls were waiting for March 1st for weeks! We shopped for their dresses, shoes and accessories to match. Maggie had thought ahead and asked Grandpa to be her date, so she and Jilly would both have someone to slow dance with.

 Maggie was specific in how she wished to look for the dance this year. She found the perfect dress, accessories and had envisioned 'the look' weeks in advance.

This was Jilliana's first Father-Daughter dance and she couldn't have been more excited about it! She was less particular in what she would wear, anything "fancy" and "pretty" would do. We began doing hair and getting ready early, but somehow they were still left rushing out the door. Such is life as a girl! I snapped a bunch of pictures and asked Jilly to smile big. Oops!

When I smiled and tilted my camera to the side of my face to give her a knowing look, she innocently looked back at me and said "You said to smile big." She was right, I certainly did. I apologized and asked her to smile "not so big" this time.

Corsages slid on their wrists and they were ready to dance!

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