Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring weather is welcome.

This week has been tough. Wyatt was increasingly lethargic and there were days that he woke for only an hour cumulatively, if at all. I'm using the word "woke" very loosely here. He's very weak, relying fully on the bi-pap and not able to tolerate any time off of it. Most simply stated, things are not good at the moment.

Today the weather was such a beautiful change to the windy, cold temperatures of winter. It felt like spring! As we were changing Wyatt's clothes early this evening I was able to rouse him enough to ask if he'd want to go outside with the girls. After a little coaxing he said "yes".

I love his determination. And spirit. This boy has a way of rising to the occasion.

Wyatt felt the sun on his face, turned the speed up on his wheelchair and sped through the yard. We have possibly the bumpiest yard in the country, which makes it quite an adventure trying to maneuver his quickly moving wheelchair across it. He enjoyed hearing the girls scream loudly and laugh as we turned the speed up on his wheelchair while pulling them behind on their roller skates.

We didn't spend long outside. But the time we did, we took advantage of.

These pictures make my heart so happy. I love watching them play together- seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh. So much so, I felt I just had to share. I hope you enjoyed seeing them too!

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