Friday, March 1, 2013

It takes a village.

From the many doctors who have assisted us along the way, to the many nurses who carry out all the orders and keep us company, social workers who become listeners and have worked their magic time and time again, multiple pharmacists who are always working to keep the supply of medication and necessary medical needs in our home, the couriers that make numerous trips to our home each week at all hours to ensure our boy gets what he needs, to the lab techs who know us by name. Family who has taken care of what needs to be done when we need it, teachers who take extra care to ensure our girls are OK, to the flow of cards that come in the mail and home from school with well wishing messages. Friends who are there to help in any way they can, with supportive words, countless prayers, visits to cheer us up and/or texts late in the night that make me smile or laugh. Individuals who spend their time making phone calls and emails for tickets to an event that Wyatt wishes to see. Or the one who takes time painting our son's favorite things on a pair of special shoes. Or the person who crafts a warm blanket to wrap our boy with comfort and love.

I would certainly say the proverb is true- it takes a village to raise a child. And to keep a family going, when things get especially tough.

We have been blessed with an extended village that has surrounded us. The love and kindness runs deep. This village has made it possible to do what we do- to be a family, to care for our son {even at home}. To feel loved and reminded we are not alone, when it's difficult not to feel this way.

Thank you (yes you!) for being a part of our village. We truly, thank you! We couldn't do it all with out you. Thank you for supporting our family in whatever way you may.

Another Quick Update:
This week Wyatt had a couple better days initially and then shifted into the not so good territory. He began waking more in the beginning of the week and we thought he had turned the corner of this current infection. But by mid week things began to shift back. He's again very sleepy, waking for only a few hours a day total. We decided to do another urine culture after seeing multiple changes in him (increasing edema, acting febrile, increasingly lethargic, increase of pain) and his urine. And sure enough he's now growing yeast in his bladder too. An anti-fungal has been again added to the schedule, along with the antibiotics he's already on. Hopefully, now that we've got him covered for nearly every type of bacteria, he'll begin to improve a bit more.

{He did wake this evening as we got Maggie and Jilly ready for the Father-Daughter Dance.}
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