Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love abounds.

"Mommy, I really, really, really, really do love you." Those words began a playful competition between Wyatt and I as we lay snuggled together. Which one of us loves the other more, as the amount of reallys grew in number and then changed to multiplying our love by large sums. It ended with "I love you X 25 trillion."

Conversations such as these make it so obvious to me why we continue to fight. Continue to live. Continue to put one foot in front of the other. This boy, though very different than he used to be, is such a light. His heart so full of love, not just for me, but for everyone he meets. His compassion is remarkable. These qualities within him could change the world.

He often doesn't recognize how sick his body really is. As he prays for others each night, including God himself, he's never asked to be different or for his body to be well. In his prayers he typically only asks that he not be scared or have bad dreams. He accepts the life he's been given and is genuinely happy to just be here. Defying the odds over and over again.

Wyatt appears to have another infection within his bladder. We suspected the re-occurrence of hallucinations could be related to an infection and decided to culture yesterday morning, just as he began to show us his usual indicators. He's running a tight schedule between these infections recently- one after the other. They hit him hard and fast. We're waiting for the final read on the culture, particularly the identification and susceptibilities of the gram negative bacteria that is already growing. We're hoping his body can hold it together until we get the correct antibiotic started.

We also have a fun evening planned for tomorrow night that he's been looking forward to- he would be so disappointed if he were not up to going!
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