Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'd like a time out, please!

I'd like a time out, please! Wouldn't it be nice if life worked like a sports game..?

Since I last posted I've been sick with an infection that went crazy inside my body. Knocked down with lots of antibiotics, pain medicines and feeling pretty darn rotten. Wyatt and I slept next to each other for hours on end the last several days (I wasn't contagious) while Bryan held down the med schedule and his care. My doctor recommended I go to the hospital for IV antibiotics, but after explaining our situation he was understanding and we decided to try doubling up on oral antibiotics first. It seems to be working- I think we're heading in the right direction. I then woke this morning to Bryan struggling with Wyatt's line. The blue lumen, his med line, is now completely occluded and we're unable to use it at all. So frustrating! We were to TPA it earlier in the week but I became sick and wasn't able to remind his doctor to order it. We're currently waiting word on what we need to do to fix this as soon as possible. Until we do, Wyatt is unable to receive any of his many vital medicines. Please say a prayer that this is easily (and quickly) fixed!
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  1. Sending good thoughts your way for a working line, momma feeling better, and a strong boy hanging tough, and beautiful sisters hanging in there!!

  2. Sending good thoughts for a working line, a mommy feeling better, sisters feeling much better, and a family gathering togethering.

  3. Feel better momnmy - Wyatt needs you!