Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sick kid.

Wyatt is sick. He's in pain, laying with his eyes closed and moaning for the last couple of days. He wants to sleep, but has only been sleeping in short intervals before he's awake and uncomfortable again. Cognitively he's still clear, a little loopy, but aware none the less. He's been retching and vomiting bile, which he hasn't done in a long time. We've ramped up his Valium doses, adjusted his Zofran doses and he's been chewing through a lot of Fentanyl with his button (demand doses). For perspective, he was using 2 - 4 demand doses a day and he's now using 17+ demand doses in a day. That's a lot of Fentanyl, along with a significant increase to his fluid intake. So far the urine analysis has shown he's growing a large amount of yeast and bacteria in his bladder. The cultures are still pending. Though, we suspect that's not the only spot the bacteria is hiding by the way he's acting. As he began to feel poor the amount of time he's tolerated off the bipap has decreased again. He's acting febrile, but his body has not been able to mount a true fever in response to infection in quite some time. I wish he could/would, spiking a temp would make figuring out what to do a little easier on us.

At the moment he's sleeping. I've been able to slowly pull my hand from beneath his and slip off the bed from laying beside him, without waking him. That just may be my greatest achievement for today.
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  1. praying he is feeling better soon (((hugs)))

  2. So sorry, Ashley. Could it possibly be the bug that's been going around? I don't know if Wyatt gets those anymore. We had it just before Christmas and I know some other neighbors have had it recently. I hope he feels better soon-whatever the cause-and you can both get some rest.

    Love and Prayers.