Monday, December 17, 2012

Watch and wait.

Watch and wait...we should be professionals at this by now. Wyatt's still crookedly tucked into his bed today, leaving out a whimpery, musical hum with each exhaling breath. This morning another urine sample was taken because he's been experiencing significant left sided pain in the area of his kidney. His heart rate was not in the 30's last night, but he was experiencing more pain. So, we're not able to say for sure that the changes to his medicine doses made a difference because pain itself has the ability to increase your heart rate too. As I was checking on him multiple times through the night I would find his left arm bent back, trying to hold the area that is hurting him the most. The hospice doctor ordered another urine analysis and culture this morning, to be sure we cleared the infection that we just finished treatment for on Friday. Otherwise, we're not making any changes today.
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