Saturday, December 15, 2012

Today's agenda.

On today's agenda - try to get our boys heart rate up and stable.

And how we hope to achieve that - adjust what medicines we can. That includes not increasing his Fentanyl dose today. He can still push his button and receive a demand dose...he has a 10 minute lockout, which means he's able to give himself a bolus dose up to every 10 minutes if needed. So, it's not as if we're with holding pain medications from him. But there is the concern that if we increase the continuous Fentanyl dose to better manage his pain, his heart rate will decrease further. And we certainly don't want to see any lower than 32 beats per minute. It's a balancing act, as so much is with his body. We are also decreasing his scheduled Valium doses by half for today, as well as decreasing his Clonidine dose.

It's a starting point. We're hopeful that these changes will help.

Big news- Wyatt is now off Dilaudid as of late last night. We see it as big news only because it's been in question for so many months, worried about, talked about, plans made to decrease and wasn't an easy thing to achieve. We will celebrate the small victories!

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  1. Praying for you that you will feel God's comfort through all of this. God has a plan mapped out for Wyatt that is unknown to us. You are such an inspiration and a perfect example of unselfishness. I admire you!! I was walking around Christiana last night and prayed for you and your family as I passed your house. I noticed all the lights were out and the cars were gone. I caught up through the blog and will continue to pray for the doctors and nurses that will cross your path and mostly for continued comfort for your family.