Monday, December 10, 2012

The IPU.

We arrived to the hospice inpatient unit, otherwise referred to as the IPU, this morning. We were greeted by several who were waiting for our boys arrival. When we told Wyatt of the plan yesterday afternoon he wasn't too happy with us. With a little reassurance he still wasn't happy, but understood what was going to happen. That is after he asked me to email Dr. R to tell him he didn't want to go. I think he was hoping his favorite doctor would "save" him from this decision. But with his emailed reply reassuring Wy that he'd be taken care of, Wyatt responded in a short and not so sweet "Fine." I think Dr. R may have earned himself a spot next to Bryan and I on Wyatt's "unhappy with" list for that one.

After arriving he cautiously watched the nurses and doctors as they examined him and went over all his lines and medicines. We tried to focus on the many things they will NOT do here, which helped to convince him it wasn't so bad. It also didn't hurt that we brought along a few early Christmas presents to enjoy, including the very relaxing star theater. He loves this thing and we've all been staring at the ceiling this evening. In fact the planets are slowly orbiting above me as I type.

We're getting settled in. The Methadone infusion was removed this afternoon, along with the demand dose of Dilaudid. And a Fentanyl PCA was started. He's feeling the change and has complained of pain more this evening. He's also very tired and worn out from the stress of the day, which doesn't help the pain any. Right this minute he's sleeping, unsettled, but sleeping none the less.
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1 comment:

  1. Easy is nowhere to be found. Easy choices, easy answers, easy days, easy minds.

    Lord God, be the Rock we can truly feel in the midst of so much un-easy...

    We trust You. And life stings. Badly.

    You are not forgotten here, with love,

    Cathy in Missouri