Monday, December 31, 2012

Our 2012.

This year has been quite unbelievable for our family of 5. If I didn't experience it myself, I may not believe it entirely. From the lowest of lows to witnessing miracles, both big and small. 2012 was certainly not meek nor mild. Here are some of our favorite and or most impactful moments of the year-

A private screening of the Muppets movie.

Blowing it up to build it up. Construction for the hospital.

Wyatt stands and walks again.


The baby whisperer.

Jilly graduates from Kindergarten.

Wyatt comes home again.

A special viewing of Madagascar 3. {Thank you, David and Dreamworks!}

First day of school.

Lots of prayers.

Maggie's birthday- "a formal pajama cocktail party."

 Our beach stay-cation.

The great Disney World adventure.

Wyatt's magical shoes. They are so much more than just a pair of shoes.

Maggie was very cooperative for pictures.

Ready to come home from the hospice inpatient unit.


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  1. What wonderful pictures! Such a full year!!

  2. Thank you for posting these great photos. I am so glad that Wyatt is home and just love the photo of him reaching for those gifts in his bed! Hugs and prayers, Kathryn (Peter's mom)

  3. Oh, what a year. What wonderful photos. What sweet children.

    And I never forget, when I look at these, that there are two parents behind every one

    who keep on never quitting
    never quitting
    never quitting
    never quitting.

    God bless you, every one.


    Cathy in Missouri