Friday, November 16, 2012

Hollywood Studios.

Today the sun came out of the clouds and is casting it's rays upon the Disney property. It's been cloudy and dreary up until today. Wyatt's still sleeping this afternoon. He's struggling to keep his O2 sats above 90 and his HR below 100bpm today. It's not looking like a good day for our guy. 

Last night we hit the Hollywood studios. The holiday light show was mesmerizing. We watched the lights "dance" to different tunes and I loved hearing the kids' small gasps of excitement as they each realized what was falling from the sky...(Disney) snow!

Jilly is making a list of all the fun she's been having. Maggie is loving the swimming pool, even in this cool weather. Brr! The water may be heated, but the air surrounding it certainly is not!

When we were leaving the studios last night I asked Wyatt if it was a good day and he replied thoughtfully,  "a great one."

As we arrived back to the Polynesian resort and walked into our room a display of fireworks began to boom into the sky over Cinderella's castle. The kids each grabbed a seat on the balconies and we positioned Wyatt just right. Once again, magical timing. Tonight we hope to take on Epcot.
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