Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here we go.

We're moving forward. After a very rocky weekend in which Wyatt's health quickly became unstable, his respiratory system taking a big hit. We're continuing with our packing and plan to leave and begin driving in the direction of Disney World today. "Crazy," you say? Yes. I would agree! We've met with our hospice team and talked a bit with Dr. R throughout the day yesterday. What exactly is happening with our boy, I'm not entirely sure. But I can tell you he had me very worried over the weekend. Thankfully, he's now looking a bit more stable and we've decided, for the sake of making memories, if we hope to follow through with this trip we need to do it now. We're taking a leap of faith. And so, my house looks as if a bomb went off inside of it at the moment. No, really...it does! Our traveling ICU is not quite ready to travel and is proving to be considerably less "travel friendly" than it was a year ago.

But right now, Wyatt is most concerned that he's not wearing any pants. I think he's afraid I'll forget to put them on him. (Don't worry, he's completely covered!)

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  1. A very appropriate concern for a 10 year old boy!!!!-especially with all those princesses he'll be seeing. Have a great trip!! Don't get any speeding tickets!!!!!