Saturday, November 17, 2012


Well, our boy did wake up yesterday. We pounded the junk out of his lungs with some chest PT and a little suction. Along with a neb treatment or two. Enough to stabilize his o2 saturations above 90 and get him under 6L of oxygen to allow him to be "portable" through Epcot. His HR has continued on 'high speed', but there isn't much we can do about that for now.

These pictures of Cinderella's castle are from the balcony of our resort room. After he wakes this afternoon/evening, we plan to visit Magic Kingdom to see the castle, among other attractions on the list!

Despite our guy's rough day, we did get him to perk up and enjoy the evening. He's turning into quite the night owl! But he is so very, very tired. I can see all the fun and "action" is wearing on his body. But I can't complain, these vacationing days have surpassed every expectation I had in my heart when leaving our home on Tuesday.

This is Wyatt's spot in the room and only a fraction of his machinery. Closest bed to all the outlets!

The kids are always asking for the blinking light up necklaces and souvenir toys that are so conveniently placed in carts all through out the parks. The blinking lights don't go over real well with Wy's neurological system, so we brought our own glowing accessories with us this time!

They each had so much fun in the open area after riding Journey into Imagination. The space was nearly empty and Wyatt drove his wheelchair around playing with his sisters. To play is such a typical sibling interaction. It was just what they needed, to play together again. Such a simple thing that's so often overlooked.

We then ended our late night hanging out with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. It was an unplanned event, they snagged us as we were walking out. But a special closing to our evening at Epcot.

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  1. Oh, I don't know how "unplanned" the meeting with Mickey and Pluto was. I think God had it planned long ago!! Looks like your trip has been so very good.