Thursday, November 15, 2012


As I sit here now, Wyatt lays across the room and I can hear his machines running, keeping him breathing, keeping him alive. I've been watching his oxygen saturations and heart rate as they are fluctuating within a wide range. But I feel so thankful, so blessed, to have this time with him. I still can't quite believe we actually made it here after the weekend that he had. 

Last night as we arrived at Disney's Polynesian resort I maneuvered Wyatt's chair out to the beach, staying on the cement path's edge just before hitting the sand. Overlooking the water, we all stood watching fireworks erupt above Cinderella's castle. He was animated, talking. So excited to be here finally. I've seen smiles from him that we haven't seen in so, so long. It's difficult for him to smile anymore, I imagine it's partly because of how he's feeling, partly the edema, but also due to his body being so weak. After the fireworks display we walked the hotel property and found our room. Wyatt said, as we were standing at the balcony of our designated room watching the lit up boats glide through the water and Cinderella's castle change colors in the night just across the way, "This is perfect." We then watched the water parade, Wyatt took a few licks of an orange mickey shaped lollipop and spun a couple circles in his wheelchair before being tucked into bed.

Our boy is still sleeping for today, but the plan is to visit Hollywood Studios this evening to see the holiday light show, among a few other things there. The girls have left to get lunch and explore with Grandma, Grandpa (Bryan's parents) and Nanny (my Mother). While Bryan and I have ordered room service and are enjoying the sights from our "perfect" room.

If nothing else happens the rest of this week, then that's OK. Last night, to see him smile again, was all I needed.

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and support, as always. They are very greatly appreciated!

*I've been posting more pics on instagram as we travel and the snapshots rotate on the sidebar of the blog. You can click on them to see them larger.
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