Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be thankful.

Our ICU on wheels has delivered us home and we're settling back into the routine of our not-so-typical lives. We wasted no time jumping back into our reality with first of the morning hospice visits and catch up lab draws. All the while slowly unpacking our 50 bags of gear that accompanied us. (I kid you not. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the bags! In the rush of things it just didn't happen.)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States. A time that many are reminded of all that they're thankful for. Last year at this time we were just settling back into our home from an intense hospital stay. This year, we're fresh home from a vacation that a year ago I would never dreamed would have happened. Our son is still living, still here, sleeping just feet away from me. Are things better? Great? Or even good? No, not always. But this year I'm more thankful than I've ever been.

Our days are anything but easy, we have daily worries and struggles, concerns and fears, strict schedules and medical interventions. It's easy to get caught up in the uncertainty that is swirling around us. But as we know all too well we can't control, or plan, what will happen. Sometimes we just need to follow and hold on tightly to hope.

It's clear the tremendous gifts we've been given this past year. Simple gifts of love. Priceless gifts of memories. The precious gift of time. Thankful has a whole new feel in this stage of the life we're living.

Be thankful, my friends.

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  1. Thank you, Ashley. Thank you fro sharing your family's journey through Mito. Your challenge and call to be thankful is heard. I hope you have a weekend filled with love!