Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As I sit here now, it's after 7pm. The girls are currently upstairs watching a TV show before getting showers and preparing for bed. Wyatt didn't wake yet today, despite being in the middle of the noises and disruptions of our busy day. Dark rings circled around his eyes. To look at him, he doesn't look well. We began treating for another UTI last Friday evening, after the culture grew two different bugs and urine analysis was indicating a repeat infection. Today his oxygen saturation's have been dancing between 90-97 and his heart rate between 40-70bpm, which we can consider improved from the 100+bpm that it was last week. But nothing telling exactly why he's 'behaving' as he is. I'm beginning to suspect more seizure activity, though am not absolutely certain.

This is about the time of day that, if he's not yet woken, my concern level begins to rise. I'm not certain why he hasn't woken or why his vital signs aren't as solid as they usually are. I don't know...I can only wish to know what's going on in that body of his. 

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  1. ugh. No fun to sit and wonder. I'm praying he's saving his energy for a great day tomorrow!