Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tag! You're it!

You know the game we used to play as kids, chasing after one another, calling out "Tag! You're it!" as you reach out to touch a friend. I'm sure you remember. I can vividly recall running as fast I could, doing my best to dodge the tagger's eager hand or attempting to casually sneak up to my next tagging victim. We played many different versions of the game...freeze tag, cartoon tag, flashlight tag and, of course, just regular ol' tag.

Wyatt has recently latched onto this game and began playing during the last several months. I've been meaning to tell you of our evolving game! Of course, it's his own version, from his bed or whatever chair he may be sitting in at the time. And often with his own set of rules. I should tell you, it actually started in a more hallucinatory, manic form, when our boy wasn't what you could consider "clear of mind." But he wasn't agitated or scared, just extra playful. So, we let him play this childhood game in whatever form he needed to at the time, including with objects in our home or various people on TV. (I think it sounds worse than it really was!) Let me try to explain, at the time it started the Olympics were being broadcasted around the country and, for whatever the reason, he believed the olympians were playing along and tagging him. He would begin moving about his bed to dodge an attack and then exclaim "ohhhh! They got me!" Seconds later I could count on hearing a sneaky little giggle as he planned his next move, and after a short while trying his best to casually call me over so he could pass the tag on. Little did he know, the excited tone of his voice that he couldn't suppress no matter how hard he tried gave his plan away every time!

Yes, I realize this may sound concerning to some. But, alas, it's become somewhat of a new normal for our home. And I want to share because it's not always bad, he was having fun! I'm not sure exactly why he began playing the game tag, but he enjoys it, none the less.

It's now become something he plays regardless of his health each day. When he's clear of mind it's more a typical version of the game. And when he's not, it can get a little more interesting. Some days he can barely open his eyes, but will heave his weak arm over the blankets to flop onto a part of me and whisper "tag." And then there are the days he can be more insistent. Often not satisfied until the "tag" is passed on and the game continues. He's now branching out, tagging those he loves via text and email too, by asking me to tag whoever pops into his mind first. I warn you, no one is safe! There's no tag free zone, base or safety in our game. In fact, 3am tags to his sleeping Mother is perfectly reasonable to my son. And the "no tag backs" rule that many of us used as children, it doesn't mean much in this case. Some days our ongoing game is a bright spot in the day, other days I've learned to take the initial tag and just "keep it to myself." But every time he wakes we can be assured a new game of tag will begin. Nothing can keep this boys spirit down! I love it!

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  1. Far, far from concerning - TAG AWAY, WYATT, all you want, when you want, whoever you want.

    Honestly, the spirit in this child - and in his family.

    Truly amazing.

    And I am


    Cathy in Missouri

  2. I love it! So playful-perfectly boyish!