Sunday, October 21, 2012

One more vacation.

As the word begins to spread, I feel the need to officially share the news. My friends, we're planning to go to Disney World!

Yes, you read that right. In just a few short weeks we're traveling to Disney for one more vacation together. It's something I feel we need to do for our boy, for us all. It's a bit impromptu and I'm not certain how the pieces are going to fall into place just yet, but we're working out the details. Both his hospital and hospice teams are in support of our big adventure and are working with us to figure out all that needs to be done to make this a possibility.

So, our reservations are set. We'll have a "park view" in the resort, meaning we should be able to see Magic Kingdom (the castle) from our room. Should Wy not feel up to being out and about, hopefully he'll still know he's there, that he made it. I can't wait to say the words "Wyatt, we're here. You're in Disney World!"

We weren't sure if we were going to tell Wyatt and Jilly of our vacation that's in the works. (Maggie had overheard a conversation and guessed what was going on.) But we decided Friday evening that giving them all something to look forward to may be even more exciting at this point. We took advantage of the time that Wyatt was awake Friday evening, gathering the three and discussed our plans. The girls were excited. Wyatt seemed to be in disbelief at first. Repeating "Disney World?" and looking at each of us for our reply, as we reassured him that indeed we were going to try to go to Disney World. He then raised his arms above his head, hands fisted, smiling and saying "Yay!"

Wyatt's ready for Disney World, but is Disney World ready for Wyatt?!

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  1. Congrats! This is AWESOME. I pray everything goes as smoothly as possible for your family.

  2. I echo Wyatt-Yay! How fun for you all!!!! Good decision!!!!!