Friday, September 7, 2012

Drug Shortage

For some time now there has been a nation wide drug shortage of many, many vital medications. It affected Wyatt when it first began, by not giving us options to treat our son's medical issues. But we made do with what was available at that time. Now, the shortage issue has resurfaced again, the IV Valium that Wyatt heavily relies on for multiple purposes...seizures, pain, muscle spasms, movement disorder, hallucinations, extreme anxiety and agitation to name a few, is once again back ordered through our pharmacies. As it is now, we have over a weeks supply, but we use it scheduled every 3hrs with additional doses as needed. He needs this medication, he reacts negatively to the other similar types available and therefore can not use them. And with intestinal failure, he requires the IV form of medications. I'm worried and scared for him. I'm here asking again for prayers. This time, friends, please pray for the doctors who will be brainstorming and trying to come up with options for our boy. Prayers of wisdom for them and peace for us would be very greatly appreciated at this time. Thank you!
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  1. I'm praying that the Valuim will be available for Wyatt. Lord, please make it possible for Wyatt to have all the medicine he needs. Please help him to not have anxiety and all the terrible things that happen when he doesn't have the valium. We know you are able to do beyond what he needs and we ask you to act on his behalf. Lord, we know Wyatt is in your hands, you are mighty and merciful and loving. Please make yourself real to him and his family through this ordeal.