Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comments from Wyatt

Comments from Wyatt as we lay snuggled in bed this evening-

"You're my favorite Mommy." to which I replied, "And you're my very favorite boy."

His hands folded together at his chest, "God, please help everyone everywhere. And take care of yourself too."

"And God, please help my parents with all the medicines." (Daddy was pushing/hooking up a couple meds at the time.)

"PS- and let my family not be scared. Amen."

"Mommy, you're amazing too."

"Buckle up!" to which we pretended to buckle up.
"Where are we going, Wyatt?" I asked.
"We're going to room 8!"
"Oh, who's driving?" I said.
"Nurse Maggie and nurse Jason. We're going to room 8. I like that room! Oh, Dr. R is there now."

"I love you. Will you stay with me all night, Mommy?"
"I love you too, and yes, I'll sleep right here all night long." I responded.
"But you can get up to pee." he says,
"Ok, good. Thank you." I said smiling.
(He also gave Daddy permission to get up to pee, as long as he laid back down after.)

He couldn't be any sweeter and I couldn't love him any more than I already do. <3
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  1. Praying for your family so hard. Snuggle him tight and breathe in his sweetness. His comments were so sweet..reminds me very much of things my boy said. <3

  2. This made me cry. Praying so very hard for you little boy!

  3. ((((sweet boy))) continued prayers Ash, love and hugs.

  4. Prayers and love for your family from Gainesville, Florida

  5. Oh, are so dear. You are such a loving Light of a person - in the midst of it all.

    Praying for you and your family,

    Cathy in Missouri

  6. His sweetness warms my heart, yet breaks it at the same time, Ashley. Sending all my love.