Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maybe tomorrow.

Wyatt's antibiotics have been on board for a week now. But our sweet boy hasn't fully bounced back yet. Still his pain has stayed increased, muscles weak, his skin coloring poor, his memory fuzzy or non-existent. At times my concern has morphed into worry, as I'm not certain why we're seeing the changes that we've seen within the last 6 weeks. Things are a little rocky of late and the emails have been abundant with Dr. R these last weeks.

You may remember, in recent posts I mentioned my concern of the tics not only being "tics" but possibly seizures. Well, that suspicion seems to be correct. We began trying to reign in the clustering seizures that are now out of control, after I sent the docs a telling video of what we're witnessing repeatedly each day. It's movement that's difficult to explain or understand with only words, but in video and to witness it's more clear. IV Valium has been added every 2 hours as needed to calm his body, as well as multiple increases to his IV Keppra dose. So far, we haven't been successful in our attempts to stop the forceful jolted shaking. I've been forewarned that possibly it may be necessary that we're inpatient to gain control once again, but I'm hoping that the meds need just one more day to build up in his system. I was hoping today would be the day, but my hopes were dashed. Maybe it will be tomorrow...
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