Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opening day 2012

Friday we spent all afternoon and evening at the hospital. It initially ended up being a bit more involved than planned, just as the nurse was beginning to draw cultures we all realized he had clotted off the one lumen of his central line, while running two continuous infusions, none the less. A first for Wyatt...we typically have the opposite problem. He's a bleeder, not a clotter. After a bit of scrambling and clearing the clot with TPA, we were able to draw the cultures. Then we settled in, watching two units of blood drip slowly into our boy.

Saturday morning we coaxed Wyatt out of his bed bright and early. No easy task! Last year Wyatt had a great time playing baseball and being a part of the Padres team. This year, Wyatt's health and abilities limit him from playing ball, but he's been invited to hang out with a team and was asked to lead all the players in saying the Little League pledge on opening day.

While different circumstances than last years opening day, it proved to be another special moment for our family. Months ago we were sitting in the PICU and I was dreaming of watching my son play baseball again. While we may never watch him run the bases or catch a fly ball, watching as he cheers on the players is heartwarming in and of itself. I'm so thankful to be able to stand at another opening day ceremony, cheering on the children, including my son. So proud of him!
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