Sunday, March 11, 2012

SuperWyatt Sunday

Things have been moving right along here in our little area of the children's hospital. Wyatt's blood cultures are now negative and he's been fever free. He's doing well and kicking the bugs out of his system.

He was bleeding from a few areas initially and it was found that his clotting times were prolonged (again), but after several days of extra doses of Vitamin K/Potassium we're heading in the right direction. He has routinely received extra vitamin K in his TPN for quite awhile, as this is an ongoing problem for him. He's had a couple nose bleeds today, but now very minor compared to what they could be.

We've been working toward figuring out what's causing the color changes that we've been seeing recently too. We would like it to happen while we're here for Dr. R to see for himself. Today he did get purple/dusky grey in areas, but didn't see the more pronounced colors that we've seen at home (I do have's better than nothing.)

The boy was busier today with an EKG, ABG (arterial blood gas) and chest xrays, in addition to his normal care and med schedule. He received a dose of lasix just a bit ago and is certainly dumping some fluid that his body has been holding on to. Per the resident, a repeat chest xray may be done in the morning to see if lasix helped to lessen what was seen on today's film.

While we've been here Wyatt has enjoyed showing his friends the strength that he's regained recently, bearing weight on his legs and taking steps not once, but twice today. He also painted another ceiling tile this afternoon, this time a self portrait in his true super hero form, SuperWyatt. He's been sleeping for large portions of the last several days, but today was awake, happy and sweet. He's currently fighting sleep, but will soon have no choice but to give in. Those droopy eye lids of our super hero are quite telling.
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  1. Yay!! So great to read he is doing better in several areas!