Friday, March 9, 2012

Here we go again.

We arrived to the ED late yesterday afternoon, after Wyatt's heart rate and temperature continued to climb throughout the day, a fever eventually reaching 102.8. I consulted with Dr. R and he gave us an hour to get his fever to drop below 101 before giving in to fate. We're no strangers to the routine and packed our bags ahead of time. His temperature dropped while in the emergency department and I was hoping that we could possibly wait out the blood cultures from our home. Nope, we got up to a room come evening.

He was started on antifungal and antibiotic coverage directly and had an xray of his distended belly. He has no new symptoms alerting us to a viral cause. They detected gram negative rods in his urine quickly, which we expected. They were present last week, as well. We now wait for the blood cultures to grow (or not grow). The night was pretty uneventful aside from a bleeding nose come 3am. His temp rose slightly again come midnight but I believe has dropped a bit since then.

We'll be seeing the docs this morning and formulating a plan for today.

Update: We've been told as of 2am his blood cultures are positive. We haven't gotten specifics about what was found yet.
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