Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Zoo.

I realize it's been a couple of weeks since I last updated and many are wondering what we've been up to. The days have been busy, as usual, in the DeStephano house. Monday, while the kids had off school and with the winter weather being as mild at its been, we took a trip to the Zoo...everyone in our home loves the zoo.

On Monday we found several animals actively enjoying the day. Except for the one bear that decided to hibernate next to the large glass viewing wall. His butt snuggled into his large nest of leaves and right up against the glass, sprawled out on his back, his belly comfortably exposed, snoring away. His floppy lips quivering with each of his slow deep breaths. A very funny sight!

While the bear was missing the winter months, we moved on down the path to visit some of his more active and entertaining "friends."

The polar bear was soaking in the sun and attention, almost appearing to smile at his fans. The Tiger was kitten-like and playful, the mokeys were active and engaging. And the gorillas, they were clearly showing off!

My own three little animals greatly enjoyed the warm winter day together. We look forward to returning to the Zoo again soon.

More of an update (and more pictures) coming soon, I promise!

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