Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue and Gold.

Saturday evening our family gathered together to watch as Wyatt moved onto the next rank of Cub Scouts at the annual Blue and Gold banquet.

He has now completed his year of a "Bear" and has moved onto being a "Webelo." A Webelo, as I understand it, is half way between a Cub Scout and a full fledged Boy Scout.

We ran into a slight hurdle this last week as we tried to put on his Cub scout shirt, the official "class A" uniform. After nearly ripping out the side seam as we pushed and shoved his arms into the sleeves, we then realized it was a few inches too small down the middle also. I was hoping it would be close enough that we could fake it, however the buttons weren't even close to touching. The shirt fit well in September, but with all of the extra fluid his body has been hoarding the last few months, he has stretched and "grown" a lot. So, what were we to do?! Well, we made a Class A snuggie, of sorts.

Taking a pair of scissors and slicing up the entire back of the shirt, length wise. It worked great and no one suspected a thing as he sat in his wheelchair looking so handsome and put together.

Wyatt made it through the first portion of the ceremony but began struggling to get through the last half. We decided to cut the evening short due to how he was feeling.

Cub Scouts has been a great activity for this boy. He enjoys spending time with the other boys and partaking in the scouting activities as he's able. Unfotunately, due to his health this year he hasn't attended many of the meetings or events, but he worked through his cub scouting book with Bryan and attended what he could. He's looking forward to this next year in scouting. And we hope that in one way or another we can make it happen for him.

The girls also attended the ceremony (and were not too terribly upset at the mention of leaving early). Jilly commented that there were "too many boys!"

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  1. We belong to the Teddy Roosevelt Council up here in Ny and whenever the boys do something comendable we remember TR's rally cry of Bully. So a big, hearty Bully to Wyatt and all of you! It is hard work to complete the work for the year!! What an amazing achievement for him (and jobie, trust me as den mother, i Know how much work the parents do!)