Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An update.

Where to begin..? Lets start with the surgery, Wyatt's new supra pubic cath is draining well. He's dealing with pain left over from the procedure, but also his "boy parts" are swollen and causing a large amount of discomfort. This morning the swelling looks to have decreased since last night. But he's been awake since 4am this morning crying and complaining of an increase of pain in/around his penis, unable to sleep because of it. He finally just fell back to sleep. We had a decent weekend, but yesterday was a struggle and the night didn't bring good sleep. According to the urologist, he's also developed yeast in and around that area which we're now treating topically. (We've already been treating for its large presence throughout his intestinal tract.)

Infectious Disease is sorting out what bugs have been growing in his line, as well. His first cultures were positive with what we thought was only one bacteria. But as time went by more bacteria began to grow on the set of fungal cultures that was left. The first and possibly second was sensitive and treated with the antibiotics that he was already on, the third is still in the process of being speciated. It's supposedly a slow growing acid fast bacteria. They're working on getting an identification before deciding how to move forward. But the most recent bacterial cultures have been negative, which slows down the urgency a little. Yesterday they drew specific cultures for this category of bacteria and now we wait to see what/if something begins to grow.

Saturday evening he spiked a fever, but slowly it began to drop. Since then his temperatures have been hovering above his norm, but not reaching "fever" range. Could be his autonomic system feeling overwhelmed with the stressors on his body or something more significant. We've seen it happen both ways before. His weight is also up another full Kg in less than a week, signaling that he's retaining even more fluid.

Clearly, we have a few open ended issues that need to be tied up yet. He's been keeping everyone busy with trying to put all the pieces in order. Hopefully today will bring us one step closer, we're missing the girls and our home!

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  1. You are not forgotten - every day thinking of Wyatt and your family!


    Cathy in Missouri