Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post Surgery update.

The procedure itself went as well as expected. There was miscommunication surrounding the staff, which added a layer of stress that we didn't particularly need, but we're now just happy it's over with and moving on to recovery.

The surgeon wasn't able to place the new catheter as high on Wyatt's belly as he had hoped due to swelling/edema throughout his abdomen, but this placement should be just as efficient and is draining well. As Wy was waking from surgery we were way behind with pain control. He was beyond his point of no return, which required the anesthesiologist to give him additional propofol to put him back to sleep until we could catch up with more appropriate amounts of narcotics. Since then he's been having a fair amount of pain, but the increases of Dilaudid seem effective. They adjusted his PCA button to have a lockout of 5 minutes instead of his typical 10 and in addition to his continuous/demand rates through the pain pump, he's also able to receive a large bolus dose every 2 hours as needed. We had recently adjusted his scheduled Methadone to every 4hrs instead of 6, as well. He had an initial after surgery surprise of two foley catheters, one in his penis and the new suprapubic catheter in his belly. (We were under the impression he wouldn't have the catheter "below".) But the urologist was just in to change the dressing and removed the foley cath from his penis, which was a great relief to the boy who was highly annoyed that he woke up with two catheters!

This morning he's been doing well, the new catheter is draining like it should, moving causes him pain, but the medications seem to be keeping things more tolerable. We're still waiting to see the rest of his doctors later today, but so far, so good. Keeping our fingers crossed and prayers said that this trend continues!

There are so many to thank for extending your love and keeping our boy in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!  
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