Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just waiting.

This morning seems to be moving quickly, yet not much has happened (not a bad thing, just a quiet morning). Wyatt is still sleeping, the doctors rounded and the nurse has been popping in and out as needed. The plan for today is to keep doing what we're doing. The antibiotics appear to be doing their job and this infection hasn't made Wyatt sick sick, thankfully. It appears we caught it early before giving it the chance to settle in. From what I see, he's as stable as he gets at this point in time. Which is a good thing! (Good as in he's not sick sick...not that this is as stable as he gets.)

The plan is to get Wy on the surgery schedule tomorrow (or at least sometime this week) to have a suprapubic catheter placed. Instead of moving forward with the procedure that we originally were planning for in August/September and was put on hold a couple times since. The urologist who would be doing the surgery doesn't feel comfortable doing the Mitrofanoff procedure anymore, given Wyatt's health and the complexities within it. But he did completely understand the concerning aspects of Wyatt's pain and agreed that we needed to provide "comfort". The suprapubic cath is a much shorter procedure and has the potential to improve his quality of life, exactly what we're looking for.

But for today we're just hanging out, waiting for negative cultures.
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  1. My father has had a suprapubic catheter for a little over three years. I hope it is as helpful to Wyatt as it is to my father. He had a bladder stimulator but it quit working and he finds this an eaiser thing then using foleys all the time.

  2. Thinking and praying for Wyatt!