Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going home.

Ah, leaving the hospital and going home. A happy time filled with a flurry of activity and coordination among many. There is a lot that goes into getting this boy of mine back to his home.

It made me smile when the resident, naive to the complexities of Wyatt, talked of possibly discharging him at the end of the day after they make sure he's doing "ok." Oh, how it would be nice if we were only waiting on their piece of paper saying we were now free to go. There once was a time...

I then informed him that we need an entire day, sometimes 2, to alert hospice and the infusion companies, fax orders for all his infusions, supplies and new equipment, time to wait for the infusions to be made, TPN (IV nutrition) delivered here to the hospital, the rest of the infusions/supplies to our home and coordinating with hospice to meet a nurse at our home at the same time we arrive to (re)hook him up to his PCA pump that continuously infuses vital pain meds into him. This takes time and organization. So, this morning all the people involved in getting us home will be doing what I just mentioned and then some.

We're preparing to go home again.

After getting answers to a few concerns during rounds and further questioning them about this rare bug that he possibly has growing in his line, infectious disease agreed with allowing us to go home and wait out the cultures there. It's a slow growing bug and if it's going to appear it'll take some time. Our boy is as stable as he's ever going to be and we can "wait" just as well from the comforts of our own home.

Yesterday we were able to pull a significant amount of fluid out of his body with lasix, which was encouraging. He still has a huge amount left in that little body of his (10+ pounds of fluid), but it's a start!
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