Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A change of plans.

As of yesterday Wyatt was put on the OR schedule for 11am today and everyone was preparing for their roles. By evening surgery had been postponed. Wyatt's now growing bacteria in his urine which brought the surgical plans to a halt. He's been put on an additional antibiotic and we're waiting for this new bug to take a hike. Hopefully he'll be put back on the schedule for Friday.

Yesterday afternoon/evening we also began to notice he was developing a reaction to an antibiotic thats treating the line infection, Vancomycin. He's had this drug many times before, but apparently yesterday his body seemed to decide that it had enough with behaving. It's an easy fix by pre-treating with an infusion of benadryl prior to every dose and extending the length of time that the med is given. Just another hiccup in the day.

He had a fitful night of sleep, waking with pain and or nightmares. His blood pressure was swinging low for a bit, as well. For today, I believe all thats in the process is an EKG and the usual routine.
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