Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blasting right out of there.

First- we arrived home late last evening, infused all his needed meds and settled in. Today has been a day of re-adjusting to our daily routines and catching the Hospice team up with changes.

But next let me tell you about yesterday- Wyatt experienced a very special moment that he was able to share with many of our friends at the hospital. The hospital is currently under construction as they build, essentially, a new hospital onto the existing building. It's a very large project that will take years to complete.

We've watched the construction crews move into place since August, each time that we took up temporary residency on 3F.

As we spent September and October in room 5 we watched as the leaves on the trees just outside our large window changed colors when the weather began shifting seasons. One early morning, as I sat looking out the window, the tree tops next to us began to shake. Quickly the trees were swiftly cut and moved from our view in a matter of seconds. The rest of that chilly fall day we watched as each tree and bush in the area was placed in a pile and put through a big machine, making saw dust out of what once were large, strong trees. Wyatt was much too sick to open his eyes, let alone watch the progression of events. But I'm sure he would have been entertained.

It's been bitterly sweet watching the area change each time we return.

During the first days of this hospital stay we were told that the construction was slowed due to bedrock and the need to blast through it. And later was informed that Wyatt was being offered the opportunity to assist the construction crews, hard hat and all.

We transferred our boy to his wheelchair for the first time since surgery, our nurse making sure he had all his scheduled medicine infused and/or infusing so not to interrupt the excitement with beeping IV pumps, the respiratory therapist standing watch close by. We then made our way to a specific room that was set up for the occasion. The window free of any mini blinds, offering a clear view of the construction site.

After meeting the construction Manager, Frank, and talking with several crew members via two-way radios, we learned what they were doing and needing help with.

Wyatt, placing his new hard hat upon his head, gladly took on the task. After the crew prepared the field, our sweet boy pushed the handle down, blasting the ground with 85 lbs. of dynamite. We all watched as the ground jumped and a smile grew across Wyatt's face, hearing the loud explosion.

A little boy's dream come true!

He gave his new friend, Frank, two thumbs up. And later told us "that was extremely awesome."

The crew went above and beyond, engaging Wyatt in conversation, moving the big machinery and performing fun tricks for us all to see. It was incredibly thoughtful and sweet, making this memorable moment so very special.

Thank you to all.

He's enjoyed telling everyone about the days events and wearing his hard hat. It's not every day that a boy gets to blow things up, while in the hospital none the less!
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  1. That is SO cool, that would be the highlight of my 11 yo life:) Way to go Wyatt. Not many people can say they have blown up stuff with 85 pounds of dynamite!! I am really happy to hear you are home and 'trying' to settle in. It can be such an adjustment for me so I cant imagine how hard it is when they have all that W has going on. Did the strange bug ever grow out of his blood again and what was it?

    1. I haven't received a call about the outstanding culture, so I'm assuming nothing has grown. ID said if the culture does grow again the line will need to be pulled. We were told that it was a slow growing acid fast bacillus...when we left the hospital it hadn't been indentified by name yet.

  2. Super Awesome indeed! Wow! What an incredible moment! I'm so excited for Wyatt (and you Mom & Dad for the chance to watch that smile go across your boy's face). <3 So glad you're home. :)

  3. Wow, that IS awesome! Any boy's dream come true!! What a special way for the hospital to handle that! I love the pictures :)

  4. Welcome Home, Wyatt! What an exciting adventure yesterday! Take care!