Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Weeks.

7 weeks- the amount of time Wyatt was home without needing to be admitted to the hospital. Longer than most of us thought it would be, truthfully! He was admitted via the emergency department yesterday, due to a line infection. Overall he's doing about the same as he had been. Thursday was encouraging as he had a good day, pain was more tolerable. But was followed with days of increased pain and a full, more distended belly. We drew cultures 10 days ago that grew positive from one lumen of his central line, but within 4 days. We weren't certain it wasn't a contaminate and waited for the specifics/sensitivities of what it was and then redrew cultures on Friday morning. This time it grew within that crucial 48hr time frame and from both lumens. And we were summoned into the hospital to start antibiotics.

If there was a time this would be "good" one, at the least. The balloon to Wy's foley catheter popped Friday evening. We were able to tape a straight cath in place and were going to wait until Monday (today) to harass the doctors for a plan of action. Wyatt is not easy to get a catheter in to and the urologists have proven the only ones successful to get a foley into him. It's certainly not comfortable for him and the last time he needed a foley we decided he'd need sedated for any following placements. So, it makes planning a bit more involved. There has been a few cathing options floating around recently (I'll explain when I know more) and we're hoping we can get this piece taken care of while we wait for the antibiotics to do their magic.

And as far as the on going battle with pain, we hope to see an improvement with treatment of this infection and possibly a measure of comfort with the urological plan thats floating around. We'll see...
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