Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday- PICU

Wyatt is currently snuggled under his new soft, fleecy Mario Brothers blanket, his arm wrapped around his best buddy "Big Bear" and a turtle pillow pet placed under his head. He just fell asleep after softly crying that he hurt "so bad."

He's continued to have more extended periods that he's awake, interacting, smiling and today has even played the iPad for a short while. Visually, he looks much better than he did. Today his face and eyes became a bit puffy, but I think his belly looked less distended. Pain continues to be one of the biggest issues. He's now receiving a continuous rate of Dilaudid along with additional Dilaudid and Valium doses as needed. He is using a Fentanyl patch for pain, but not the continuous drip. His urine cultures are still positive for infection, but seemingly to a lesser degree. This bug in his bladder, Pseudomonas, is proving to be a stubborn one. It's the same that he grew last month, however this time he became infected while already being covered by a range of antibiotics...not a good sign at all. Though, this boy never ceases to amaze me. He's a fighter, no doubt!
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